Chris Anderson Photography | Client Testimonials

Lauren Mullins, Model

Chris and I have worked together for eight years now...WOW! We continue to think of bigger and better shoots and the shots have only gotten more spectacular with each experience. Each and every shoot Chris amazes me with his attention to detail, his easy going demeanor and his determination to get the absolute best shot possible. Chris is notorious for spending time getting the lighting just right so that unwanted shadows do not compromise the perfect picture. He concentrates on where the light is hitting and focuses on making the eyes pop. It's small details like this that separate good pictures from great ones.

Eight years ago Chris trekked all around Stone Mountain Park with my mother and I to take my senior pictures. I was raised with a camera in my face and have always been photogenic. Mix that with my perfectionist personality and at seventeen I was probably a photographers worst nightmare. I knew I wanted shots with railroad tracks and after a full day of exploring the park I was very pleased with the unique shots Chris captures. I still wanted some glamor style shots though, so Chris suggested a studio shoot in the coming weeks. Again, I had a great time playing model and was very excited to show off those pictures as well.

Since then, Chris and I have worked together on shoots twice a year. With each shoot I am able to express my creativity through modeling and Chris is about to express his through photography. Together we make an incredible team. I feel comfortable and free to be my silly self when working with Chris.  Modeling has always been somewhat of an unrealistic dream of mine, but thanks to him I get the opportunity to dabble in the art. I appreciate the time he has spent working with me and over the past eight years I have watch Chris become an even better photographer. His work is phenomenal. Whatever the occasion or medium I can promise you that you will not be disappointed.       

JaQuitta Williams, TV News Anchor, Atlanta, GA

After my battle with breast cancer, chemo, and radiation were over, I wanted some cute, fun photos that would reflect the new me, and more importantly my new look.  I also wanted some with my "baby" CeeJay, my miniature schnauzer.  My hair began growing back after chemotherapy, and I was beginning to embrace it, well actually, I began to love my new "do"  so what better way to celebrate  that than to have all new photos.  I found out about Chris Anderson through a co-worker.  Chris was an absolute delight. He was patient, calm, and did great work!  I received the proofs and photos quickly--and they were AWESOME!  I've used my photos for gifts, head shots, programs where I'm the MC or speaker, you name it, I've used them.  Everybody should have a photo shoot from time to time, it makes you feel good about yourself! Thank you Chris for giving me that! 


AJ Caruso, Musician & Composer  – Promotional Photo Shoot

Composer, songwriter and guitarist AJ Caruso launched on to the music scene in the late 80’s, touring extensively across the Southeast U.S. opening for major acts such as CHEAP TRICK, REO SPEEDWAGON, FOREIGNER, and KANSAS.

I called upon Chris for a promotional photo shoot, not only because of his great work photographically, but because of his artistic approach. Chris truly is as much an artist as he is a photographer. You can get “photographs” anywhere, but to have someone with an eye for artistic imagery is far more important. Chris is also a consummate perfectionist; always delivering far more than you bargained for, going above and beyond to ensure you walk away with what you want and more. Originally, I wanted a headshot and a couple of full body shots. Chris proceeded to run me around town to numerous locations he had planned, ultimately providing far more options than I could have ever imagined. I was so happy with the photos that I used them extensively in various promotions and proudly display many more on my website at I highly recommend Chris and will absolutely call upon him again in the future.   


Tara Jones, Actress, Atlanta, GA

The true mark of an artist is to capture its subject in its most beautiful form. That is what Chris Anderson does with his photography. I have had the privilege of being photographed by Chris on three separate occasions and have been incredibly humbled by the results. I am a working actress and need my photographs to portray more than just a smile, but convey an emotion. That is exactly what Chris captures in his shots so you are left with more than a beautiful picture but a memory of a moment in time.


Patrick Clark, Sunlites Stained Glass, Rockaway Beach, New York City

The magic of stained glass is captured when vibrant sunlight hits it and brings it to life like a phoenix arising from the dark.  Working with Chris Anderson was a revelation for me.  I didn’t imagine photography could portray how awesome stained glass is without the actual experience of standing right in front of it in the sunlight… but Chris’s artistic mastery made the magic like I’ve never seen in photography.  To me, a very particular professional glass artist in NYC, portraying my outdoor public artwork as well as residential installations in their “best light” is an invaluable tool Chris has developed for me.  His work elevates my art up to a whole new level of beauty.  His meticulous creativity and skillfulness has allowed me to share my work with potential clients in a way I never could before and is serving as a most valuable platform for me to sell and promote my creations.  Thanks Chris, for helping build my success!!